The Team

Founder, CEO, CTO

Technologist with 15+ years of innovation and R&D on data-driven systems technologies. Researcher and innovator of advanced cloud middleware technologies at IBM Research. Strategic and technical leader for cloud adoption to scientific communities at UNC Chapel Hill. Led federal funded multi-million dollar project with geo-distributed teams to develop advanced cloud agnostic data analytic platforms across AWS, Google Cloud and Azure for the biomedical community.  She has been awarded 8 high value patents.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

KAPIL K. SINGH (he/him)
Technical Adviser

Security expert with 15+ years of developing and securing end-to-end systems. Principal researcher and world-wide technical strategy lead for the identity portfolio for IBM Research. Pioneer of disruptive technologies and applications including blockchain, identity, mobile, security and privacy   Recipient of multiple corporate awards, invention achievement awards and high-value patent awards.  He has been awarded 20+ patents.

Ph.D. in Computer Science