The Humegy Corporation Story Claris Castillo Singh, CEO and Founder Picture: The healing well of our home in Cary, North Carolina.   We were recently named finalists of the prestigious Amber grant for April, “Distinguished Business Winner 2023”, and “Meritorius Business Grant Winner.” This is a summary of our story. Before the pandemic, I launched […]

Interaction with nature, or nature contact, is beneficial to human wellbeing, but the quality and quantity of this interaction are not well understood. Both features are critical to informing environmental and health policy-making and have been the subject of multiple research studies. The most common types of nature experiences found in the literature consist of

The success of many wellness market products relies on convincing users that they can improve their wellbeing, that is, their perceived state of being. Since these products don’t typically have clinical evidence, they rely on subjective self-reporting tools. Despite this limitation, products like meditation apps, breathing therapy, and sound healing apps have been successful. It’s