About Us


Humegy is a C Corporation headquartered in North Carolina. Humegy is the creation of its founder who spent years in industry and academia researching ways of making the World a better place and finding the key to a happier journey in nature. Humegy’s birth came about in the early months of 2020, and it expanded on strength and meaning because of the transformative effect of the pandemic.

HUMmingbird stratEGY

The hummingbird strategy is at the heart of who we are and what we do. In ancient cultures, hummingbirds symbolize joy and happiness, and despite their tiny size, hummingbirds offer an incredible service to Earth — they are important pollinators. They pollinate by rubbing their forehead against the pistils and stamens of the flowers they feed on, collecting pollen and spreading it around as they move from flower to flower. These powerful little birds are fast and agile, yet strong and tenacious, traveling long distances away from the northern winter every year. In their long journeys, hummingbirds remain curious and champions of diversity, relentlessly exploring countless colorful objects on their horizon.

At HUMEGY we strive to follow the HUMmingbird stratEGY as we build a tech-bridge to renew our relationship with nature even when indoors.


We make the benefits that nature offers to our wellbeing and mental health accessible to everyone, even when indoors. We build products that seamlessly help you create sustained healthy habits of interaction with indoor plants.


A world where humans maintain a balanced relationship with their plant ecosystem through direct and technological-able interactions.

Our Values

We create joy in every experience, and this is our greatest gift to our customers.
We serve by creating harmony between humans and nature.
We remain curious and open in the journey to realize our vision.
hands, friendship, friends-2847508.jpg
We proactively seek diversity in every process and interaction.
Change is the norm, we remain agile as we adjust to changes.
Our tenacity will reveal the real significance of  the short-term challenges we face.