Nature Pill

The success of many wellness market products relies on convincing users that they can improve their wellbeing, that is, their perceived state of being. Since these products don’t typically have clinical evidence, they rely on subjective self-reporting tools. Despite this limitation, products like meditation apps, breathing therapy, and sound healing apps have been successful.

It’s widely accepted that being in touch with nature is good for our wellbeing. However, we don’t know the correct form or amount of nature contact. The scientific community has examined various forms of nature contact, such as owning houseplants, gardening, and being in the wilderness, to determine the best methods. A recent study found that spending just 20 minutes in a place that makes you feel in contact with nature can significantly lower stress hormone levels. Consequently, doctors are prescribing “nature pills” or “nature prescriptions” to treat patients. Platforms like Park Rx America (PRA) educate and match the public with health providers who prescribe nature as the first line of health care defense in the US and Canada. Policy-makers around the world have also taken notice, launching initiatives like the Nature Recovery Network (NRN) in the UK and introducing bills like the “Outdoors for All Act” in the US to increase funding for green outdoor spaces in urban areas. The tech industry has also joined in, with startups like NatureQuant offering mobile tools to track nature exposure.

At Humegy, we recognize that many Americans have limited access to green outdoors due to living in green-deprived areas, physical disabilities, lack of time, or circumstances that restrict their mobility. This is where PhyBe comes in. PhyBe helps users bring nature indoors through indoor plants and allows them to create and maintain sustained caring relationships with them. Although we believe there is no substitute for nature exposure in the outdoors, we believe we can build a bridge between the outdoors and indoors through PhyBe. Grounding ourselves in our native environments is a sensory experience that transcends the body and mind. By maintaining an intimate and alive relationship with nature, we can renew our commitment to caring for the environment and future generations. As such, PhyBe contributes to existing efforts to make “nature pills” the primary source of body, mind, and transcendental wellness, even indoors.